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The mysteries that surround the seven seals have been an enigma to mankind ever since the first publications of the prophecy.  Every generation has believed, be it in small circles or large populations, that their time was the end time.  But for the Watchmen generations, the signs have never been clearer, and they have never been so ignored.  Below, you will find the historical events that took place from May 2012 to August 1, 2024 (the beginning of the three years of peace).  The Watchmen begins on August 6, 2024.  More historical events will be added as the Watchmen progresses.  Can you unlock the secret to the seven seals?


Legend tells a tale of a woman who possesses a sword of incredible power.  Both the woman and the sword were known as The Desert Rose.  In the late 1990's she became most visible, freelancing as a professional assassin, and later becoming attached to a team of hunters of the supernatural, led by a retired Army Colonel by the name of Jeffrey Stantz (Kellyr).  This team was created in 1997 to hunt down and destroy a man named Lamech and all of his minions.  Lamech was at the time a powerful drug lord operating mostly out of Europe and using the alias Bishop Caine.  Within three years, Stantz's team, consisting of Esteban Montoya, Reuben James, the Desert Rose and Keith Van Helsing, hunted down and killed Lamech and all of his minions.  

In December of 1999, the Desert Rose, was pregnant with child and was being pursued by a powerful crime lord and corporate mogul named Collin Donovan.  She gave birth to a child on December 4, 1999.  The Desert Rose and the child escaped the grasp of Donovan and fled into the Nevada desert on December 6, 1999.

In June of 2003, Collin Donovan's criminal organization began an internal uprising that began to bring down his organization.  Returning from the desert, the Desert Rose killed Collin Donovan with her own sword in Houston, Texas.  Considered by some to be the Rose's lover of some time, Jeff  Stantz sent two of his men, Rueben (Ruby) James and Esteban Montoya to take the Rose back to the Desert where she might be hidden from police officials and the men in Donovan's empire who wanted to destroy her.  At one point, one of Donovan's asassination team tracked her down and chased her to the Hoover Dam.  They destroyed the dam in an attempt to drown her, but there was an unknown underground well which had run dry.  The ground finally broke free and the water from the dam rushed into the ground, saving the Rose.

Donovan Enterprises was the parent company to nine other corporations.  Donovan's empire was controlled by the heads of these ten corporations for the next 21 years.  It was these corporations and the new leaders of Donovan's underworld that continued to pursue the Desert Rose and her descendants over the next 20 years.
In October of 2004, Esteban Montoya was told that he had a daughter by the name of Isabella.  Being pursued by the law and Donovan's men under suspicion of involvement in Collin Donovan's death, Esteban and his best friend Ruby James, found Isabella in 2005, who was 4 at the time.  Fearing capture, Esteban and Ruby went their separate ways.  Ruby to Texas, and Esteban to California.  Before going their separate ways, Esteban made Ruby take a solemn vow that should anything ever happen to him, that Ruby would watch over and protect Isabella, never letting harm fall upon her.  Ruby agreed and they said their goodbyes.  Ruby and Esteban never saw each other again.
Ruby joined the army in 2006 and impressed his superiors.  Two years later, while on a recon mission in Los Angeles, Ruby met a 12 year old homeless child, named Carmella.  He risked his life helping her escape to Texas.  When there, he adopted her.


In May of 2012, a messenger from the United Nations carrying seven diplomatic pouches destined for Asia was shot down over the Pacific Ocean.  These seven letters were sent to seven different countries in Asia.  The content of which is to this day known by only the recipients.  The writer and the entire committee that drafted these letters were assassinated by unknown assailants.  It is presumed that the same group responsible for the assassinations were responsible for the destruction of the airplane over the Pacific.  But while successful in their assassinations, they were unsuccessful in the destruction of the letters.  For the messenger not only survived the crash, but was able to deliver the messages only two days late.  What was contained in these letters was dire and important news, as the seven countries which received the letters went through immediate and severe changes in government policies.


On June 1, 2012, the State of California seceded from the Union and invaded Nevada and Arizona.  Led by a King and his close adviser, Ajay Jarvis, California began a war with the rest of North America that lasted almost 9 years.  The Monarchy advanced into Arizona, New Mexico and broke through Texas' defenses in El Paso and over ran the city.  They maintained control of El Paso for almost a year, before the Texas Rangers, led by Colonel Rueben James, reclaimed El Paso.  Colonel James began to march forward into New Mexico, Colorado, and eventually Arizona.
On June 3, 2013, the Native American population rebelled and stood up to both the new Monarchy and the United States.  The Nation began reclaiming lands including Oregon, Washington and parts of Nevada.  Over the next several years, they continued to expand under the leadership of Akecheta Syang.  

In Europe, a new bio-engineered crop was introduced on June 5, 2014.  Leading these new experiments was Mehnkah Azmera.  Within a matter of months, a flaw was found in this new crop which killed all neighboring crops and left the original crop dangerous for human consumption.  The virus spread and destroyed every major crop in Western Europe.  This later led to the Unification of Europe.

In June of 2015, a woman named Kimball Thanatos, came to power in Russia.  Over the next several years, she would reunify Russia and then convince, under the enticement of food, the European Union to join Russia.  During this time, horrid war crimes, and human atrocities were committed.  A second Holocaust was begun.  It is believed that close to 750 million people lost their lives during Thanatos's rule.
One silver lining in North America, was the war against the Native American Nation was coming to an end.  The Native American Nation, which now included and was led by twelve tribes, signed treaties with Canada, the United States, Texas and California on June 9, 2019.  All these countries recognized the Native American Nation as a sovereign state and reparations were finally made.  

The struggle between California and Texas continued.  Texas continued to gain inch by inch and reclaim the states of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  During this time however, Arizona was ripped apart as Texas tried to advance into California.  

On June 12, 2021, a massive earthquake in California brought an end to the hostilities and ended a nine year period of war.  The earthquake ripped California from the rest of the continent.  Most of her major cities were in ruins and million of her citizens died.  The Earthquake set off a chain reaction which caused eighty percent of the volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire to awaken.  These Volcanoes spewed ash into the atmosphere and actually lit up the Western night sky for several days.

Two months later on August 1, 2021, a treaty between California, the United States and the Republic of Texas put an end to all hostilities, and the world was at peace.  This peace would last only three years.

THE PROPHECY - With Valerie Posas and Zoltan Bajkai