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Awards and the Ponderous History
PONDEROUS PRODUCTIONS has experience in all types of audio and video productions.  

Murphy's Law
1993 Best Film Production, San Antonio College
1993 Best News Package, San Antonio College
City of Killeen Municipal Court
2001 Videographer Award
Did You Know #2
2003 Local TV & Cable - Misc., 24th Annual Telly Award
The Watchmen

Block Party

We Roll

Last Blood
2003 TV or Cable Programming-Entertainment, 24th Annual Telly Award

2004 Music Video Telly Award

2004 Music Video Telly Award

2004 Low-Budget Film Production
This is our long resume and we add to it each and every day.  The list is so long we've actually had to remove some of our projects...not to mention forgotten a great number of them.

Mac Beth (1989)
Tale of Two Cities (1990)
Inspector Pierre (1990)
Runaway (1991)
Buffett Rider (1993)
Murphy's Law (1993)
LPTV (1993)
Inspector Pierre 2 (1993)
Queen of Hearts (1997)
Little Drummer Boy (1997)
A Day in the Life of Bogey (1999)
Too Young to Kiss (2001)
Don't Islamic Vampire Terrorists Suck? (2003)
Her Name (1991)
Final Limit (1991)
This Is Ponderous (1993)
Right Here Waiting (1995)
Blue Moon (1997)
Return to Innocence (1997)
The Innocent Killers (1998)
Brett William Mauser's Tag (1999)
Trouble (1999) Writer,
Queen of Hearts (1999)
The Water Cooler (1999)
Tag 2000 (2000)
Too Young to Kiss (2001)
The Watchment (2002)
Tag: Rerelease (2003)
This Is Ponderous Special Release DVD (2003)
Last Blood (2003)
Last Blood: Barrio Angelz (2004)
Last Blood: Kartel Killer (2004)
Last Blood: Shadow Dragon (2005)
Bad Mojo: The Project (2005)
Serial Rabbit (2005)
This Is Ponderous: The Series (1998)
This Is Still Ponderous: The Series (1998)
This Is Ponderous Halloween Special (1998)
Denver's Crappiest Television (1999)
The Watchmen (2002) 2 episodes - KXXV 25
La Noche w. Javo-G (2005) 2 episodes

Temple Chamber of Commerce (2002)
Ocean Sands Day Spa (2002)
Capone - Raza Related (2002)
Did You Know? - JB Herrmann/Temple Chamber of Commerce (2003)
Kingwood Choir Pop Show (1991)
Betzold/Vassbinder Wedding (1992)
East High School Duet Finals (1999)
East High School Senior One Act Plays (1999)
Manual High School Spring Concert (1999)
Manual High School Winter Concert (1999)
McNeil High School' Oklahoma (2000)
Georgetown High School's Oklahoma (2000)
Deerpark Middle School's Talent 2000 (2000)
Georgetown City Lights (2000)
MacArthur High School's Pop Show (2000)
Eastern Hills Middle School's One Magic Moment (2000)
Harker Heights High School's See How They Run (2000)
Austin Youth Orchestra (2001-2002)
Temple High School Polyfoniks (2001-2002)

Investment Video for Aberle Enterprises (1998)
City of Killeen, Crossroads to Texas (2001)
City of Killeen Municipal Court (2001)
Temple Chamber of Commerce (2001-2002)
Temple Economic Development Corporation (2002)
City of Temple (2001-2002)
McLane Company (2002)
Widner Product Finishing (2003)

Rachel Stamp:
   Black Cherry
   Do Me In Once
Rachel Stamp Oceans of Venus Tour (2003)
SXSW Captiva Records Showcase (2003)
Back Door (from Last Blood Soundtrack) by 820 Rydaz
Over 50 commercials produced for the WB23, Corpus Christi's Warner Brother's affiliate
Block Party by AITF
We Roll by Immortal Soldierz
     Feel It As You Need
     Hard Times
     Good Girls (from Barrio         
     Angelz Soundtrack)
     Por Eso
     Interview Documentary
Still Thuggin' by SKS
Soy Yo by Kinto Sol
Missing My Homie by Breeze

© 2002 Ponderous Productions/Brett William Mauser