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During the War of California Aggression...

When California separated from the United States and began invading American States, Mexico immediately shut off her borders to all American states.  This took an enormous amount of manpower from the Mexican "army."  As a result, the drug industry in South America and Mexico flourished, as did the military.  With security power switching sides, Mexico began making the money in the "War on Drugs."  This allowed Mexico and other South American countries the funds to increase their military and grow into a strong military power in the World.  All of this until mid-to-late September of 2024 when debris from space fell onto a highly secretive science plant in Brazil. It is still unknown what tragedy fell upon South America, but within weeks the entire population of South America had vanished without a trace.  Rumors have begun to spread that some survivors may still be around, hiding in underground bunkers and caverns.  Some countries sent in teams to uncover what happened, but they disappeared without a trace.  Satellite imaging and other tests have shown that there is no trace of radiation or other toxic regions, but have shown an increase in insect swarms.
Mexico and other Central American countries are still present and still very strong.  It is believed that these countries may be in part responsible for the disappearances, and if not, they are at least aware of the reasons.
During the War, California committed several no known "war crimes" outside of the demolition of free speech.  It became an incredibly liberal country in which outlawed all projectile weapons and limited weaponry to blades and blunt instruments.  When the war was over, this law impacted the military as well.  Swords and Plasma staffs became the only weapons allowed to military personnel.  Larger weapons of destruction, like tanks and artillery are still present, but individual soldiers are restricted to hand-to-hand weapons.
California began its assault on its neighbors Oregon Nevada, and Arizona.  All attempts to invade Utah failed.  Once they gained control of their neighboring states, they marched into Washington and Colorado.  They began spreading themselves thin, allowing a revolution in the Native American Nation to gain control of many Northwestern States and become sovereign.  To this day, they remain am isolationist state.

Using hidden "Easter Eggs" and "bugs" in software sold to the United States Military by California, California was able to incapacitate the United States Resistance the day they seceded.  This left the military crippled.  Militias and citizen armies sprung up quickly in Texas, which gave Texas the means to protect her borders.  It was these armies which convinced America to allow Texas to secede.  America had originally planned to allow Texas back into the Union after she had bought America enough time to reform it's army. But as American states began combining (Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, are now one state), It began to become more technologically advanced than the rest of the world.  Feelings on both the Texas side and American side began to change.  They were both feeling stronger about remaining independent of one another.  

After Texas withstood two years of Californian advances, Texas finally decided to invade.  It reclaimed Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.  Texas began to advance into California and finally surrendered after the earthquake in 2021.  At the Treaty of Barlow in 2022, California, America and Texas remained independent nations.  There are still border skirmishes between the Native American Nation and America, but North America is finally at peace.