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F-Tech (Unified Field Technology) is highly advanced research based on Einstein's Unified Field Theory.  Einstein speculated there were four main "fields" which held the universe together.  Understand and manipulate these fields, you can understand and manipulate the universe.  Einstein was wrong, however.  Here are actually six fields.  In addition to the four he stated (electromagnetic, weak, strong and gravitational) there are two others.  
The very first unified field theory experiment was conducted on the USS Eldridge during the second world war.  Code-named Project Rainbow, the experiment was designed to bend light around a battleship and make it invisible to radar.  However, something went terribly wrong.  The ship disappeared in it's Maryland harbor and reappeared at another destination before tele porting back to it's original location.  Several of the ship's crew were killed instantly or died before salvage crews were able to pry them from the ship.  Most of these men became fused into the ship itself.  Their bodies becoming one with the ship.  Other survivors died within days due to insanity and mental anguish.  Some are rumored to have just vanished into thin air.
No other experiments were conducted for almost 50 years.  It wasn't until the vacuums and tubes were replaced with microchips that it was deemed safe to continue with these experiments.  
By warning the United States Government officials of the possible threat of terrorist attacks in the late 20th century, Collin Donovan set forth the event which would give him the grants which would allow him to delve into his "Blue" projects.  When the first terrorist attack was made on the United States, Donovan Enterprises was given the government funding to make conduct these projects.  Donovan explained to the US that he could guarantee that no more terrorist attacks would occur, and that he could even prevent the one that had occurred from ever happening at all.  By traveling back in time to prevent these incidents, Donovan could annihilate the threat of terrorism.
The first project, "Blue Star" was created to simply "view" past events.  By submerging the viewer in a virtual environment, he or she would be able to view events in the past.  Tacheons would be sent back in time through the time spiral to a certain point in time.  These tacheons would then wait in that spot until they caught up to the viewer in present day.  The tacheons would then be read by the computer, and the information would be decoded to present a virtual display of past events.
"Blue Moon" took it one step further.  The traveler would first be turned to energy (teleportation technology) and the that energy transferred to tacheons and then those tacheons would be sent back in time along the time spiral.  These tacheons would then be transferred back into energy and then that energy back into the traveler.
There is no substantial proof that these experiments were ever successful, and upon Collin Donovan's death in 2005, all existing experiment and "Blue Projects" were canceled and all government funding was pulled.

© 2002 Ponderous Productions/Brett William Mauser