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The State of Texas not only left the United States on good terms, but in her aid.  When wars began to be waged that America was unable to participate successfully in due to bureaucracy and civil unrest, Texas was freed from the United States to wage the wars America could not.  Upon secession, Texas broke into five separate states.  Over the following five years, as Texas reclaimed the states of America which had been lost to California, some states rejoined the Union, while others joined Texas, but to this day still haven't received citizenship and are still only Texas Territories.

 CENTRAL TEXAS (Waco) - When Austin began running dangerously close to San Antonio's radioactive area, a large Exodus occurred.  Most of the science, technology and government of Texas left Austin for Dallas.  The capitol of Central Texas became Waco soon after.  The other major areas of Central Texas are Temple, San Pasado, Fort Bush and Killeen.

 NORTH TEXAS (Dallas) - Now the capitol of both North Texas and the Republic of Texas.  The center of technology, government and culture for Texas.  One of the last states of Texas to still be operating under a judicial system involving police forces, attorneys, courts and prisons.

 SOUTH TEXAS (San Antonio) - Mostly void of life.  The capitol of South Texas is still San Antonio, though not much of the city remains outside of the Alamo and a small town which borders on being a ghost town.  It was debated to move the capitol to one of the port cities still unaffected by the toxic environments and radioactive zones.  But due to tradition, the capitol was kept in San Antonio, though most of the politics do take place in Corpus Christi.

 WEST TEXAS (Odessa) - When the oil industry boomed in 2008, Odessa became the richest part of Texas.  New expansions and developments sprung up all over the area.  But when Texas' oil supply all but dried up in 2018, people began moving into other areas of Texas like Dallas and Waco.  However, a large number moved into the United States.

 EAST TEXAS (Houston) - Though it has a toxic environment rating of 7.5, millions still call Houston their home.  They have made the decision to sacrifice longevity of life for a riches and good times.  The average life span of a Houstonian is 32 years.  

 TERRITORY OF COLORADO (Golden) - Dangerous territory.  Recommendation is to steer clear.  When the Californian monarchy moved in, they brought with it a complete disregard for human and civil rights.  This brought on a huge criminal underworld.  By the time Texas won the territory, law was nowhere to be found.  While the Territorial Texas Rangers are making headway, it still has a ways to go to be considered a nice place to raise your family.

 NEW MEXICO TERRITORY (Las Cruces) - Reclaimed by Texas in 2020, this territory was handed over to Hispanic and Native American councils that decided not to join the new Native American Nation for political reasons and wanted to remain a part of the Republic of Texas.  Other reparations and compensations to the Native American and Hispanic cultures were made as well, including monetary settlements and assistance in establishing a military.  All races are welcome in this territory, though it is well protected and guarded by an elite military.  It is expected you respect traditional and cultural differences.  There is no tolerance for intolerance.

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